Pedigree For: Parents: Grand Parents: Great Grand Parents: Great Great Grand Parents:
88 Best Shot 88 Best Shot
133X High Tensile 133X High Tensile
Page 201-170
521C Royal Reel
Page U28 Page U28
Page 221Z
Page 821U
MRC 78F (Cowboy Classic) 2021 MBBA Year End Derby Reserve Champion MRC 78F (Cowboy Classic) ABBI Reg #10219763
194 Smooth Move 194 Smooth Move
20U Sheperd Hills Tested 20U Sheperd Hills Tested
Page 502
Page d78
Page 347 Crazy Train
Page 978W
Page 611
532-H 532-H
Roach Breeding
224 Spook 224 Spook
CP 2
007 Secret Agent ABBI Reg #10023615 007 Secret Agent 22+ Avg;, Maternal Brother to 133 Stitch (76 outs, 21+ Avg);, Paternal Brother to several bulls w/PBS stats
Frick Breeding
22 Miss All Star
20 Broken Horn
532 532
S4 Ruby Red ABBI Reg #10013380 S4 Ruby Red 23+ Avg;, Selected for 2000 PBR World Finals
832 Momma's Girl 832 Momma's Girl Dam to PBR Finals Final Bull S232 Red Rocket
1H One Horn