Partnership Opportunities Available

• Yearlings • Futurity • Derby

Training Opportunities Available

Owning & hauling bucking bulls has quickly become an industry many people want to be involved in. Geographic location, lack of adequate facilities, or prior commitments, may not let you jump headfirst into this venture. But you can still own part or full ownership in great animals and watch them grow and perform. We can help you make your dream become reality!

We offer many ways to become involved in this fast-paced, quickly growing industry.

     A)   You may consider purchasing 50% ownership in one or more of our bulls.

     B)  You may even want to purchase full ownership (100%) in one or more bulls and elect to keep him with us. We will take care of, work with, haul and promote if you elect to leave your animal athlete(s) with us. You may also choose to move the bull(s) to the trainer of your choosing.

     C)  If you already own bulls but you are not equipped to handle them, we can take them in, put them on a good feed program, work with them, haul and promote them. We can also take on your cow herd and breed them to our best bulls.

We have a great covered facility, set up in the sandy plains of South Dakota. We can work bulls rain, snow, or shine. The arena and back pens are well made and designed with the young bulls in mind. We have a left- and right-hand delivery chute with center out gate. We use Tony Cain's futurity bull trainer on our weanlings and yearlings. Our calves are weaned right next to our arena, so they are run through and worked through several times a week. We know how important feed and handling is with these athletes, and we will give your bulls and/or cows, just as good of care as our own.

~Our Feed & Handling Prices~
Effective 2 December 2022

This includes Alfalfa/Grass Hay/or free choice grass, free choice salt and mineral, a special blend of corn/soybean/ molasses grain, routine vaccinations, pouring, and all handling/training of bulls through our facilities. (Tipping, mouthing, EID tagging, DNAing & branding are additional costs.)

We are here to help you & answer any questions you may have. Do not hesitate to give us a call or use the contact us form. We would also like to thank all our current partners and customers that have bulls here. References available upon request. Thank you for considering us.