Pedigree For: Parents: Grand Parents: Great Grand Parents: Great Great Grand Parents:
60U Hardcore
86Y Finger Roll 86Y Finger Roll
Page 986W
Page 713E Jelly Roll Page 713E Jelly Roll
173X Hard Twisted 173X Hard Twisted
Page 73/C
Page 30/A
Page 66G Page 66G ABBI Reg #10229169
009 Showtime 009 Showtime
58X SweetPro's Long John 58X SweetPro's Long John
Page 510/4
Page E56
790 Mossy Oak Mudslinger 790 Mossy Oak Mudslinger
Page 255-152 Page 255-152
Page 755-113
227 227
007 Secret Agent ABBI Reg #10023615 007 Secret Agent 22+ Avg;, Maternal Brother to 133 Stitch (76 outs, 21+ Avg);, Paternal Brother to several bulls w/PBS stats
S46 Secret Weapon ABBI Reg #10029768 S46 Secret Weapon PBR/CBR Bull
106 Baby Powder
S329 Polar Vortex SOLD S329 Polar Vortex 2016/2017 PBR World Finals, 2018 MBBA Maturity Year End Champion, 2017 MBBA CLassic Year End Champion, 2016 ABBI Classic Top 20, ABBI Reg #10163147, 2016 MBBA Year End Champion, 2015 MBBA Year End Futurity Top 3
770 Double Shot (DECEASED) ABBI Reg #10008832 770 Double Shot (DECEASED) PBR/PRCA Bull
619 Taylor
240 Sky King 240 Sky King
640 Cloud King (DECEASED) ABBI Reg #10035356 640 Cloud King (DECEASED) PBR/CBR Bull
RJ 381
217 217 Dam to PBR Bull and multi-Year End MBBA Champion, S538 Salty Dawg
S4 Ruby Red (DECEASED) ABBI Reg #10013380 S4 Ruby Red (DECEASED) 23+ Avg;, Selected for 2000 PBR World Finals
917 Big Springs
407 Hot Secret