Offering Some of the Top Plummer Genetics Influenced With Great Outcrosses
The Mommas
You can't have a great bucking bull without a great cow.
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R1 Red One
R1 Red One
Born - 1999  Shown here with her 2006 heifer calf by #770 Double Shot
This cow is the mother to cow #5R Red Fu & bulls #S4X Too Red & #S22 Carrot Top.
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Pix taken Sept. 2006
#101 Highway 101
Full sister to #515 Cookie Monster & 2006 heifer   
#101 is the mother to bull S37,
#S55, and cow 401 Secret Highway        
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Black Jack
<<<Bull S37~#77 Stone Cold x #101
Sold as a long yrling for $5000
Pix taken Sept 2006
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Marlboro Lady
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#89 Mean Spot
#224 Spook
Rafter 7r #41
#161 White Sport Coat
CP 0
DOB: 1995
Dam to our herdsire 889 and other good bulls: 715 Snakebite (2X NFR Bull), 890 Dizzy Rooster, 489 Preacher Man
89 is a 3/4 sister to Johnny Walker Black, 3/4 sister to our previous herd sire 63 Major League,
& maternal sister to 800 China Town.
#166 April Fool's
49 Tequila
Rafter 7r 65
99 Baby Brother
DOB: 1999
Berger Breeding
Maternal sister to Hardtime(CBR Finals/PRCA Bull), Primetime (NFR/PBR finals bull) & our previous herd sire 77 Stone Cold
Wrangler Rivets son
#224 Spook
CP 1 Kung Fu
Frick 45
CP 2
Co owned with Alpine Bucking Bulls
Co owned with Alpine Bucking Bulls
#C3 Super Pepper
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Half sister to PBR finals bull, #S44 Superstitious.  Mother to cows #111 Super Friendly,
#58 Super Fu, & #613    Plus bulls #S45 Oshoto,  #S3,
#S23 Baby Pepper, #S45 Devils Tower,  S77, S88, S98
Red Rider
Born in 1998, C3 is one of our top female producers.
no DNA
Jackie B
Mother to bulls #S4R~Riley's Rip Cord,  #S31 & #S6R & cow 926 & #212 & 2007 heifer
Sioux River Ranch
Sioux River Ranch
Pix taken August 2011
DOB: 1995
For Sale with her 2011 S46 Secret Weapon bull calf
She is the mother to cows  945,  817,  #717 Rowdy Ann, #67 Robbie & #307 Blood n Fire & bulls S47 Lil Agent & S57
#107 Roberta
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SOLD~to Canada