Offering Some of the Top Plummer Genetics Influenced With Great Outcrosses
We had a heck of a blizzard the middle of December.  It snowed 14-18 inches and the wind blew
50-70 mph for over a day straight.  Then it snowed more in the next couple days.  All area schools
were closed for 4+ days.  Some communities to the east of us were without power for over two
We thought we would post some pictures of the big storm!
Main Street Colome, SD
A tree grove near the ranch. Notice the round
bales to the left.
Trailer house with snow up to the window.  
Notice the storage shed!
Snow drift with white house to the left of it.  
Notice the swing set off to the right.
Barn where we load out.  The load out is in the middle.  
To the far left is a 6 ft WW panel.
Main Menu
Riggin helping move snow!!